Melanie Live 2005 in the Netherlands - Olga's Birthday Party

Melanie will come 2006 again to Europe. A tour through Germany is planned in April 2006.

For all fans, who missed Melanie seeing live since years are here some small pieces of music from the last tour.
These songs where sold as a live CD during the last concert on 12th of November 2005 in Harlem, Netherland.
The CD contains the first part of this concert from the Beginning with a song from Beau to the break after
"Happy Birthday" for Olga and the last song of Melanie on this CD "Yeah Baby". I made cuts of about 30 seconds
to give you an impression, how wonderful this concerts with Melanie are. 
The files are mp3-files with 128 KB sampling rate, 44 khz, Stereo. Enjoy them...

1.  The most beautiful Melanie - a very long instrumental from Beau Jarred Schekeryd

2.  Babe Rainbow - The first song from this concert with Melanie

3.  Sun and the moon

4.  And we fall

5.  Jamming alone

6.  Brand new key

7.  Some say I got devil

8.  Smile

9.  Happy Birthday Olga

10.  Yeah Baby...