Melanie in Amsterdam, 2004

Melanie came on stage and started with a camping story about her and Peter
going on a camping holiday and how she wanted to do this every yuear, but never
ever did do it again. It was rather funny talkiing about nature and getting
close it.

The Hall was very dark but I had a pen in my hand and a notepad because I
wanted everyone to know what I was experiencing, but it was awfully dark and I
ended up writing over what I had already written becaudse I had forgotten to
turn the page so I will do my best.

Melanie started with Close To It All

She then did Rock 'n' Roll Heart to which she added extra words, which I
don't remember

Then came And We Fall which she stated she wrote for her daughter about
falling in love and falling in love and falling in love. This song sounded quite
different to me than it does on the cds.

Along came To Be The One which I really enjoyed.

Somewhere about this time she asked for suggestions and I as well as others
shouted out Save Me but that was ignored

Followed by You Call Yourself A Writer, it still is not my most favourite

Melanie asked what songs we would like. Pat shouted out Crazy Love and
Melanie was appreciative of this and said something like Crazy Love I don't see why
not yes I think we can do Crazy Love yes Crazy Love and she sang it.

Brand New Key with the story came up next, the story about the song being
written as a Swamp Song but changed to what it became beacuse of Peter and she
had the audience do the Ooh ah ah bit. I sang quite loudly but brought it down
to a whisper at the correct time and she commented on it and said we were not
like the German audience who just belted it out at the top of their lungs. It
wasn't offensive Michael was it? I laughed anyway.

Next came Smile and again there was a joke but I don't remember what it was
and again she had the audience singing in harmony. Well sort of!!!!!

Melanie left the stage and Beau performed three of his songs and he was very
good. He certainly has a folk singers voice.

Melanie returned and started with Ruby Tuesday she then went on to talk about
Nuts or Lunatics and started singing

Jammin' Alone

She then talked about MTV and her minute on there and did a funny copy of
herself and what she said. She also talked about MTV and young ladies with 44D
breasts. This was very funny especially the parody of herself. She said felt
like she was a hobbit especially when she heard herself.

I then shouted out Make It Work For Me and Melanie said Oh You know my set
you know my music Oh this is just one of my favourites from the new album. Then
she said who asked for it. I shouted out rather like a hobbit myself, Me It
was me and put my arm up  LIKE SHE COULD SEE ME. What a hobbit!!!! hehehehehe.
Melanie's guitar went out of tune because Beau told her it was out of tune and
as she took off the strap she said Just like a hobbit, just like a hobbit.

Melanie then thanked someone called Jack who sold her the guitar she was
playing, I could not see the make in case anyone wants to know.

She then spoke about her publicist in New York and did this really heavy
accent like the female who stars in the Nanny and how this female publicist
sounded like Joan Rivers. This was also funny. The publicist told her she was
tooooooo old to do anything with so Melanie wrote the next song for the publicist.

I Tried To Die Young.

To introduce the next song Melanie stated that Beau had been waiting all
night to this next song and they did Look What They Done To Ma Song Ma and halfway
through she spoke about Holly Hunter playing Melanie in a film about
Melanie's life or how she imagined that Holly would play her if they ever made such a

Peace Will Come I think was her first encore song and well received

Then came the highlight of the show for me when she sang Extraordinary. This
song is so much better in real life than on cd, just so much better. She
should re-record this song like she did with Crazy Love and change the

Next came Beautiful People for the second encore.

And then she was finished to a standing audience who she thanked numerous

Afterwards Melanie came out front and was surrounded by people and I spoke
with folks I arrived with. I went back into the Hall and spoke with Dave then I
spoke with Dia, Hi you two, I am so jealous. I know Michael was taking
photographs of just about everyone who spoke to Melanie and Pat took two of me with

Eric I did not have time to ask Melanie about the west coast because others
were just pushing me out of the way.

So here endeth the lesson and a great weekend for me in Amsterdam. It may
have been 16 years since I last saw Mealnie in concert but I do hope that it
won't be so long till the next time.

It's a fine world