Melanie Live in Osterholz-Scharmbeck October 6, 2009

Stadthalle Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany 20:00 h

The concert started 15 Minutes late, Beau-Jarred had technical problems with the sound.

Opener was Abi Tucker - an australian singer/songwriter - a women with a wonderful charming and sometimes

powerful voice ! She sang several of her own songs accompanied from Beau-Jarred on his guitar.


After about 30 Minutes the leaved the stage. Melanie let us wait another 30 Minutes before she came on the stage.

The set list :

That's what they played really during the concert:

I'm back in town
Beautiful people
Love to losse again
Jammin' alone
Animal Crackers
Tuning my guitar
Brand new key
Smile (with Abi Tucker)
I tried to die young
Love doesn't have to hurt  (a new song)
Ruby tuesday
Look what they've done to my song, Ma
Motherhood of Love (with Abi Tucker)
Peace will come (with Abi Tucker)
Lay down (with Abi Tucker) as encore

Time of the concert about 100 Minutes


 We tried to get another encore, because I saw that she has planned to play eventuell "Crazy love" - but it seemed, that she was too tired.

After the show we had to wait at the CD-table, where her husband Peter stood and told us, that she will come out, 20 Minutes.
Peter is with Melanie on tour and helps her with support behind the stage and on the stage with her special drings for her voice.
She told us during the concert, that Tina Turner has told her about this special drings for the voice.

"I'm back in town" started and she said during the song, yes back after 40 years...

"Beautiful people" was accompanied with Beau-Jarred's new guitar, which he played like a cello with a bow.
A very special sound which gave the song the sound of the original studio record a little bit.


Before the third song she told us, that sometimes as she played in New York a drunken fan wants to here old songs.
One of these old songs are "Love to loose again" and she played this song for us, but she wanted also play the new songs.
Beau-Jarred played a flute for the intro and at the end of the song. After that song Beau-Jarred thow of his Baseball Cap from his head.

And so she turned to "Jammin' alone" - a song about people who are lonely in a great city like New York.

Than she asked us, what we wanted to hear, and the next two songs are not on the set list, they where called from someone
out of the crowd. "Animal crackers" was played in a short and charming version.

Then she told us about the time, when she first came to Paris invited by Gilbert Becaud and how she felt at that time.
This feeling had lead her into "Tuning my guitar" - the story was told by Melanie several times before, but it is everytime
amazing how she can create the feeling and fear that she had had that time for us.

"Brand new key" was played in a really wonderful version - we had make the background sound, which Melanie had hate,
when the record came out, but today she feels okay with that...

For "Smile" Abi Tucker came on the stage and sang together with Beau-Jarred the Background sound. She gave the song
a very special sound with her wonderful voice and we had to sang the last part of the song...

Then another newer song "I tried to die young" was announced - a very wonderful version - and Melanies voice was very good !

Then she sang a new song "Love doesn't have to hurt" - wonderful love song - Beau played again the new guitar...

The next two songs are classical songs and they where played as wonderful as we aspected to hear them.

For the last three songs Abi Tucker came again on the stage and Peter stood in the back corner and had a look for Melanie.
He enjoyed to see her playing and singing. I set in the first row on the Place directly before Melanie !

"Motherhood of love" was played in a wonderful version, because Abi's voice gave the special sound to the song together
with Beau, who accomanpied Melanie as good as the whole evening ...


"Peace will come" was announced as written after the vietnam war ended and Melanie hopes that this will come true some day...

They leaved the stage, but Melanie came soon back and as the one and only encore she played "Lay down" / "Candles in Rain"
and reminded us, that she had written this after she had played on the big stage in Woodstock.

A wonderful evening with Melanie ended with long applause - hoping to get her back on the stage - but she did not come back...

I got another picture with her after the show and got an autograph on the ticket.