Kongresshalle Husum April 26 2007

Another north-german town, another gorgeous summer day, another fantastic Melanie-concert.
Shortly after 8 pm Beau opened with 5 own compositions.
Unfortunately again he did not give any song-titles but talked a little bit about each.
One piece was for a guitar tuned like a cello.
After his 25 minutes he received a well-deserved round of applause before the lights were turned on for a 20-minute intermission.
Eagerly awaited by the crowd Melanie came on stage shortly before 9 and started with
*”I’m back in town”
She then talked about the series of concerts called “Hippiefest” and how she fooled the organisators who wanted to hear nothing like the “old big hits”. She just played a new song (Jammin’ alone) and nobody realised that is was NOT one of the big old hits – it just sounded so Melanie-esque that she got through with it.
Also what she liked about the “Hippiefest” was the fact that she could do other people’s hits and made them sound like a Melanie-song. (We all know how good she is at THAT). To proof this she gave us her version of
*”Those were the days”
(the old Mary Hopkin hit) followed by the 2007 version of
*”Jammin’ alone”
When she was finished with it she realised that she forgot about Beaus solo-part (that always gives him a spontaneous applause). So she simply did a “reprise” of it, finding the right line and then saying “Take it – Beau!”. So Beau got his solo and his applause. Next song was
where she taught us our sing-along part before she started taking requests.
Someone shouted “Mr. Tambourine man” and that appealed to her so she did
*“Mr. Tambourine man”
I have heard this one many times before but that night I actually listened to the lyrics and realised how beautiful they are.
“What do you want to hear?” she asked after she finished. Some woman asked for “Lover’s cross” but Melanie had to pass on that particular one and did
*“Brand new key”
instead. "I thought you’d never ask…” she jokingly said before she performed her “cute” Mega-hit. When she asks the audience to clap-along to it, most of the time they stop clapping after a few lines. But not this time! We clapped through the ENTIRE song.
Then we witnesed something special! She did a song that I have NEVER heard live.
*“Poet is king” (!)
Oh my goddess, what a BEAUTIFUL song this is!
*”I tried to die young”
was the next one including the story of her New York publicist.
*“Look Ma”
then gave the audience one more chance to clap along and to sing-along to the german verse.
Time flew and it was time for the final song
*”Ruby Tuesday”
again as a duet with Beau and very well received by the enthusiastic audience.
Shortly before 10 they put down their guitars, bowed and went off.
We clapped them back for the first encore which was
*“Beautiful people”
The audience was on memory lane and did not stop clapping until they came out again for their second encore
*Nickel song”
With this happy tune Melanie and Beau said a final goodbye to Husum and the lights were turned on .
People gathered around the cd-table and mostly asked for the cd with the new songs (“Paled…”). One guy said that he was very impressed with the new material and that she had exceeded his expectations. (We DO know that already, don’t we…?)
Again there was a signing-session afterwards and a lot of happy people with big smiles on their faces went off the concert-hall into a mild, starlit night.

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your's in Melanie-Music Michael, Frankfurt/Germany