Melanie Live with Beau-Jarred at the "Staatstheater" Oldenburg(OL), Germany

April 27, 2007  8:30 p.m.

The concert took place at a small theater, which is designed like a small "Milano Scala" with balkons,
and the place where the orchestra normally is, was also used. I sat in the first row, place 13 at the right part
of the stage.

(C) Michael J.M. Friede 2007

After a short announcement of the programm Beau-Jarred Schekeryk started his part - 30 Minutes guitar music from
one of the best player I ever saw live. After the beginning with his normal guitar he played on a banjo, but in
a style you could imagine to hear sometimes a sitar - it was very special. Then he changed to a "Cello-Guitar",
which has very deep strings and is tuned deeper then the normal guitar, it was a wonderful part, which I never
heard before in that way he played. At last he returned to his normal electric accoustic guitar and gave
all he had. He played the guitar over his head without seeing his fingers and showed that he could entertain us...

After a short break of about 15 Minutes Melanie and Beau came on the stage. The audience clapped their hands and
Melanie started soon with "I'm back in town". A wonderful version, which was the right song for this concert as an opener.
After this song Melanie showed us, what she has for care her voice strings - tea from China, a sirup and another tea,
and some drops, which kept in her mouse during the songs. Strange how she could this ...

After "People in the frontrow" she asked "What do you want to hear. The first song was "Champaign song",
I never heard before. She tried first some words of the song anb then she sang a wonderful very special and difficult
to play song. "Baby Day" was also requested from the audience. One audience said " Happy birthday" as a late
celebration and she said "Yes, I am offical on the way into the sixties!" It seemed to me, that she now can better
handle this than some years before. She was this evening very charming and talked with the audience several times.
And her voice was better than you can expect, when you know, that she ist this year 40 years on stage.

"Smile" was another one, where we should sing with her, but only 20% sang and Melanie said, that was not enough....

The next was "Brand new key" - she said sometimes this song was difficult for her to sind and play, but
not now - she could play it in the way she like it - not in another way the producer wants it.

The setlist had with "Fallin' awake" a new song on it, which Melanie sang at her mothers funeral.
A very special and wonderful song, she played finger picking and strumming  and while picking hold her plectrum
with the "ring finger". The next "Rainbow race" came without a break.

"Crazy Love" and "Ruby Tuesday" following in the normal live version. "Ruby Tuesday" had some solo parts singing
for Beau. Melanie then asked for a background choir for "Motherhood of Love". I entered with some others
the stage and stood at the left side of Beau's microphone and we sang together as loud as we could, while Melanie
guided us through this song. It was a very special moment of the concert for me. I could see, that you can from the
stage nearly noone see in the audience, because the light is too bright for the artists.
Beau "gave me five" after the song with his hands and Melanie took me a short moment in her arms and pressed
me at her head with her wonderful hair.

I went back to my seat and with "Beautiful People" she ended the normal concert.
Standing ovations and after a short break she came back with Beau and she played a very emotinal version
of "Extraordenary".

Standing ovations again and we clapped again as hard as we could. They play some music from Melanie and
after a few minutes Beau took a look through the curtain and at last Melanie and Beau came back on the stage.

The sang together first a short one minute song called "Carefull", I will post the words later.
And at last came the song I expected as a good end of the concert "Peace will come".

Standing ovations again and the a wonderful concert was at his end at 11:05 p.m.

Melanie and Beau came out after 20 Minutes for autograph and pictures and at last it was nearly 11.50 p.m. when she went
very tired and with the help of Beau back behind the stage part of the theater.